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Somalis in Aarhus: We are being shamed because of the corona


‘It affects me. It affects my wife. It affects our children. I know many other Somalis who feel the same way. I am mega sad about the development that is in Aarhus at the moment because of the corona. I feel we are being shamed just because we are Somalis. “

This is what Abdinasir Jama Mohamed, resident chairman of Gellerupparken in Aarhus and Somali of origin, says to BT

Abdinasir Jama Mohamed feels that Aarhusians of Somali origin these days are wrongfully looked down upon and often tried to avoid by others in the public sphere.

“Both my wife and I have been tested negative for coronavirus, yet it is as if people think you are infected just because you are Somali.”

‘On another occasion I have just been to the doctor, and there I saw a man in the waiting room move. Not just away, but several feet away when my name was shouted out. The same thing happened when I had to go in and get a pizza: ‘Just take a test before you come in here’, I am told, “says Abdinasir Jama Mohamed and adds:

»The Somalis who have been infected in Aarhus may have become so because they have participated in one of the events in recent weeks where there have been many people. Among other things at a funeral (by rapper Shmur, ed.), Which was attended by a number of Somalis – but also many other ethnic groups. So instead, focus on who has been with those places. Focus on participating in the events. And do not focus on Somalis as an ethnic group. It is not okay.”

Abdinasir Jama Mohamed emphasizes that, of course, he can only encourage everyone to be tested for coronavirus, just as he calls it ‘very important’ that everyone adheres to the guidelines set by the authorities in trying to contain the infection.

Therefore, he has also actively written around to members and in his network urging everyone to tighten up and take the threat of covid-19 infection very seriously.

But what makes him both sad and frustrated right now is that he feels that in Aarhus at the moment, fingers are being unfairly pointed at Somalis solely because of ethnicity.

“It is as if from one moment to the next we have gone from being Aarhusians to being Somalis. We feel discriminated against, “he says.

Abdinasir Jama Mohamed also believes that the mayor of Aarhus Jacob Bundsgaard (S) has his share of responsibility for why many Somalis these days feel ashamed, because the mayor has publicly gone out and told that the majority of the worrying corona outbreak in Aarhus has hit just Somalis.

“I think he owes us an apology,” the resident chairman said.

Jacob Bundsgaard has already, together with Thomas Medom (SF), councilor for Children and Young People, already on behalf of the municipality given an apology to a mother with a Somali background, because her daughter was recently denied access to the nursery ‘Mælkebøtten’ in Brabrand.

The mother was not allowed to hand over the daughter, despite the fact that the girl had no symptoms of coronavirus.

“I think that says a lot about what can happen when a mayor goes public and points to a specific population group,” said Abdinasir Jama Mohamed.

It was not possible to get a comment from Mayor Jacob Bundsgaard on Wednesday due to a city council meeting.

Source: bt.dk

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