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Violent storms

Violent storms hit large parts of Europe – also roaming Denmark

Violent storms

Storm ‘Alex’ hits Europe with gusts of hurricane force and large amounts of rain. This weekend we also get to feel the remnants of the storm.

Just a week after large parts of Europe were hit by storms and winter weather, a new strong storm is on its way.

The storm has been named ‘Alex’, and it is especially expected to hit France, but during the weekend, Denmark will also feel the remnants of the violent storm.

Between cool Atlantic air and very warm air over the Mediterranean and southeastern Europe, a strong storm low pressure is formed, which from Friday and the rest of the weekend will affect the weather in large parts of Europe.

The storm surge develops during Thursday west of France and moves through the night to Friday into northwestern France.

From here it moves with large amounts of rain and gusts near hurricane strength on Friday to the south – beyond the Biscay – and during Saturday further into the south of France.


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