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I started my journey with a one on one coach - Attaa Bernice
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I started my journey with a one on one coach – Attaa Bernice


I started my journey with a one on one coach - Attaa Bernice

Where some questions will be ask like the kind of food you eat, how active you are etc just to know you and through that we can help you to start a healthy lifestyle and it will be part of you. We have a detox tea and everyone starts with because it cleans the body and prepare the body for a new start.

A drops that suppress appetite, cut down sweets, makes you eat less. So as you tell me more about yourself i will know how to help you to start healthy, reduce weight or belly fat, control your blood pressure, diabetes or high cholesterol.

I had stomach ulcer but through this program am ulcer free now. I used green smoothie, green apple, mint leaf, cucumber and ginger with a liquid multivitamin.

One table spoon of the multivitamin is equivalent to ten bowls of raw salad. After my weight lose journey i learnt a lot about health so i joined and i was trained. It is something that any stay home mother’s can do from home and get paid or as a part time.

I have knowledge about medicine because i was trained in a pharmaceutical company so i know a lot about medicine. Me getting the concept of medicine, health and food has changed me and everyone closer to me.

Am proud to be a health and wellness coach and get paid from home. If you have any questions about health or want to know more about how i get paid don’t hesitate to send me email at yookissi@hotmail.com
WhatsApp +4792024330.

Please add this to Attaas Bernice story. And repost. More info on how she got slim, implications, gains, motivation etc.

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