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The danish government is dropping full border controls

danish government
From today, Thursday, border control will be reduced at all borders. This is stated by the National Police.

The extensive border control against both Germany and Sweden, among others, will be reduced from Thursday. This is stated by the National Police in a press release.

The border control was introduced to strengthen the control of entrants who may be infected with covid-19 and thus bring the infection to Denmark.

– The Government has decided that from today, 3 September 2020, the police will move from full border control to adapted control at all Danish border crossings.

– The adapted border control means that the border control is generally carried out with periodic and sample-based efforts, the National Police writes.

It is further stated that “as soon as possible” all border crossings with Germany will be opened.

Border control, and for a period almost closed borders, has caused frustration, not least in the border areas, as it has led to long queues.

– The police expect that the adapted border control will provide a smoother settlement and thus a shorter waiting time for travelers into Denmark, writes the National Police.

At the Danish airports, there will continue to be a permanent police staff.

In relation to arrivals from open countries in the Schengen area, Covid-19’s efforts at international airports will also be based on random checks, but here too the current intelligence picture, local conditions and traffic patterns play a role in border checks.

– There will continue to be full entry control with entrants from aircraft coming from quarantine countries, writes the National Police.

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