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Mette Frederiksen

The Prime Minister presents a prestigious project on pensions: 38,000 Danes will be able to receive a new ‘Arne pension’ in 2022

Mette Frederiksen

The government has presented its proposal for early withdrawal.

In 2022, around 38,000 Danes will have the opportunity to retire earlier from the labor market .

This is how it sounds from the government, which is currently presenting its long-awaited proposal for early retirement at a press conference at the Danish Crown slaughterhouse in Horsens.

– There are good solid citizens in Denmark who have to get up in the morning and go to work with pain. Today, the government presents our proposal for a new right to early retirement, says Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen (S).

Not a dish for everyone

It is especially those with a hard physical working life who have started early in the labor market who will be able to make use of the new pension. The new pension has been popularly called ‘Arne pension’ after the worn-out brewery worker Arne Juh l, who became the face of the Social Democrats’ pension campaign before the election.

– We want to introduce a scheme for those of you who have been in the labor market the longest , have paid to the welfare society through a long working life and have most often worked in the toughest jobs. You must be allowed to stop working before you are completely worn out, says Mette Frederiksen.

The government estimates that around 22,000 people will exercise the right to early retirement in 2022, and 6,000 of them will come from employment.

The vast majority of Danes will have to choose other forms of pension.

– I think we need to have an honest talk as Danes. Those of us who stand up here have typically started working in the 20s, then there have been leisure jobs and student jobs , but that is hardly something that has worn us down.

– We will probably manage until we reach the state pension age. This is not the case for everyone in this country, says Mette Frederiksen.


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