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A Deep Insight About Heerraa And Her Musical Journey So Far.


Heerraa is an international singer-songwriter and performer who is changing the world with music through her songs about life, love and lessons with her powerful vocals and mesmerizing lyrics. A vibrant performer, Heerraa has been featured in the MalayMail newspaper, NKF’s Glow Run Concert, received the Audience Choice Award at Short+Sweet Malaysia, etc.

Her song “The Girl Who Loved” featured on Simulacra 2’s Original Game Soundtrack has received worldwide recognition, most famous in Germany, UK, Polland & US.

Her latest single on Spotify & iTunes, called “Crazy” was #1 on MET10 on Hitz fm for 4 weeks and featured on national TV on FreshBrew RTM2.

Recently, Heerraa has gone global with online concerts in Spain, UK, India, USA, Australia, Wales, South Africa and more.

On July 31st, Heerraa released her first live album, Crazy Virtual World Tour comprising 9 songs from her virtual concerts in various countries inspiring many with music during MCO.

Catch this rockstar in concert!

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