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Another Eight Corona Infected Persons Have Died In Denmark


A total of 187 people with coronavirus have now died in Denmark. Another eight corona-infected persons have died in Denmark.

That brings the total to 187.

This is stated in an update from the health authorities.

The number of admissions drops to 503 from 504, states the Serum Institute.

139 of them are in an intensive care unit, 108 of which need a respirator.

Great dark figure

A total of 46,916 people have now been tested and 4,647 of them have been tested positive for coronavirus.

But there is, after all, a great darkness to be judged.

The number is not an expression of the total number of infected, as not everyone with symptoms of the virus is tested.

However, from April 1, an expanded testing has been introduced so that people with mild symptoms, for example living with people in the risk zone, can be tested.

There are a total of 1,378 people who have survived their infection after corona infection.


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