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Principal Disagrees With Colleagues: Students Are Going To The Exam


‘We keep our distance and we take into account’, says the headmaster of Sønderborg.

It is far too early to cancel exams, and instead you have to beat cold water in the blood.

This is according to Jeppe Kragelund, who is the principal of the Alssund Gymnasium in Sønderborg.

I think it is too early to write the exams, he says.

The Danish Teachers’ Association has recommended to the government that it cancels the final exams in primary school.

The association has received an increasing number of inquiries from teachers who are required to complete the graduation exams, and they no longer think there are reasonable conditions for students to graduate.

High school exams should also be canceled, teachers and students at the country’s high schools said.

Of course, the colleges have to reopen. But we are more than doubtful whether such an opening will equate to a reasonable teaching environment and an opportunity to prepare students for the exam, says Tomas Kepler, president of the High School Teachers’ Association for Ritzau.

Taking into account

But the headmaster of the Alssund Gymnasium in Sonderborg, Jeppe Kragelund, thinks well that the students can sit for the exam, even though the teaching is only now taking place online.

There are some elements that we cannot implement in the subjects. We have to take that into account when they hopefully come to the exam. But we do not examine them under the conditions as if they had been in school all the time. We take that into account, he says, adding:

There are no students who have to be fined for having been through this situation, he says.

The principal is also not afraid of the infection risk itself if the exams are conducted.

The exams may well be held in a different way where you respect the recommendations of the health authorities. That is, keep a good distance. Or take some of the exams where you spread out the students throughout the school.

How to hold a distance exam?

We can have oral exams where there is only one examiner, one teacher and one student. We ensure good ventilation, we do not give each other the hand and we shake hands.


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