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Per Okkels

Per Okkels Quarantined After His Wife Became Infected With Coronavirus

Per Okkels

The Minister of Health, Per Okkels, has quarantined the corona.

That’s what the online media Altinget writes .

The 64-year-old top official must therefore advise the Minister of Health and manage the Ministry of Health and the Elderly at a distance.

He has been quarantined because his wife, hospital director Anne Jastrup, has been infected with coronavirus.

As a result, he is potentially at risk of becoming infected and infected by Health Minister Magnus Heunicke (S) and other key health officials.

Three directors tested positive

Anne Jastrup is one of the three directors at Bispebjerg and Frederiksberg Hospital who have been tested positive for coronavirus.

As a result, three of the hospital’s four directors have been infected.

This was confirmed by the hospital earlier Sunday against Politiken .

However, the sick leave should not have any impact on the hospital’s care for the patients, says Deputy Director Kirsten Wisborg.

She is one woman left on the top executive, while the other directors are on sick leave.

However, she informs Politiken that both she and other employees have been in contact with the three directors in the period up until they have been tested positive.

Remote meetings in the hospital

Therefore, as far as possible, the hospital holds remote meetings via the computer. Kirsten Wisborg has not quarantined, however, as she does not exhibit symptoms.

The decision not to quarantine colleagues who have been in contact with the three sick directors has been made on the basis of the guidelines of the National Board of Health.

But that’s inappropriate, says Allan Randrup Thomsen, professor of experimental virology at the University of Copenhagen.

“Symptom-free patients can also be infected with coronaviruses, so it is not appropriate that they go around the management corridors and potentially infect others,” he tells Politiken.

Source: www.dr.dk

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