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Nästan 500 nya covidfall på ett dygn i Skåne

Almost 500 new covid cases in one day in Skåne

Nästan 500 nya covidfall på ett dygn i Skåne

According to Region Skåne’s latest statistics on the corona situation in Skåne, 498 new cases with covid-19 have been reported since yesterday.

The number of people cared for in the intensive care unit and intensive care unit remains at approximately the same level as on Monday. Another four people have died of covid-19.

This is stated in Region Skåne’s latest status report on Tuesday morning. “Important to follow the advice” The increased spread of infection in Skåne means that the infection control doctor Eva Melander emphasizes the importance of following the sharpened corona advice.

– We now have a faster spread upwards in age than in the group that previously dominated, 20–29 years.

It shows that the infection is everywhere and affects loved ones if we are not helped to stop it.

Many people are worried about becoming infected and that anxiety can only be calmed by helping us all and following the recommendations, says Melander.

Increased sampling The pressure on sampling has increased, and Region Skåne has therefore increased the number of times for self-tests.

Pharmacies are investigating whether more times can be offered on weekends.

– It is important that everyone who has symptoms is tested, and therefore it is extra important that you only order a self-test if you have symptoms that may be covid-19. And that you cancel the time if you can not use it, so that the self-tests are enough for those who really need to be tested, says assistant infection control doctor Mattias Waldeck.

Right now the queues are long for the self-testing places in Skåne.

Source: svt.se

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