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Windy evening with a risk of gusts

Windy evening with a risk of gusts

Windy evening with a risk of gusts

The gusts can reach storm strength on the western coasts in several places in the evening and night.

A small but furious low pressure is on its way across the country, and it can on Tuesday evening and night give strong gusts of wind.

It is especially on the west-facing coasts in the southern part of the country that there is a risk that the gusts will reach storm strength, but this can happen in most of the country.

TV 2 Vejret has issued a warning for the relevant areas.

Small low pressures of this type can be difficult to predict for the models. It is especially difficult to predict the exact trajectory. At the end of the day, it seems that the low pressure hits Denmark in the middle of the West Coast and moves to the northeast, and then it is especially the southern part of the country that can get the strong gusts, says Peter Tanev, TV 2 Vejret.

It is calculated according to the Beuafort scale for storm when the average wind reaches 24.5 meters per second, corresponding to 88.2 per hour, but this does not apply to the individual gusts.

It is therefore not considered a storm when the gusts reach storm strength, but only when the average wind speed reaches storm strength for ten minutes.

– Wednesday the low pressure is gone and we get a normal windy day with fresh to strong winds from the west. However, it will be relatively hot as the mild weather continues with temperatures around 10-12 degrees, says Peter Tanev.

Early in the day there may be showers to the southeast, but during the morning most get dry weather. In the afternoon there may again be some showers.

Source: vejr.tv2.dk

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