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Lars Christian Lilleholt

Lars Christian Lilleholt was admitted on Monday night with corona

Lars Christian LilleholtLars Christian Lilleholt was admitted on Monday night. He has been tested positive for coronavirus and is being treated with Remdisivir, he writes on Facebook.

Former V Minister Lars Chrístian Lilleholt has been hospitalized with coronavirus.

On Facebook, MF Lilleholt writes that he is ‘somewhat ill’ and is being treated with the controversial drug Remdesivir.

‘Last night I was admitted to Odense University Hospital with chest pain and headache. A coronal test showed that I was infected with Covid-19. A pneumonia has been reported. I am in good hands, although I am somewhat ill and am being treated with i.a. Belt strap, ‘writes Lars Christian Lilleholt.

Everyone who has been near the 55-year-old Lilleholt for the past five days has been encouraged to get tested.

‘Take good care of each other,’ the Liberal politician concludes his post.

The drug Remdesivir is given intravenously and was the first drug to show efficacy in patients with covid-19 in a major clinical study. Remdesivir reduced the hospital stay from 15 to 11 days, was the conclusion of the study, which was also conducted in Denmark.

Several politicians corona infected
Lars Christian Lilleholt is not the first politician at Borgen to be tested positive for corona, but he is the first who, as far as is known, has been hospitalized with the virus.

Jeppe Bruus, the Social Democrats’ legal spokesman, and the Conservative MP Egil Hulgaard are both infected with coronavirus.

– Tonight I have received a positive (negative, as I am infected) response to a coronation test from yesterday, where I woke up with a fever etc.

– Have been in contact with pretty much everyone I have been to meetings with last week. Is now isolated and hope it is over quickly. Is it ok, writes Jeppe Bruus on Twitter.

Conservative MP Egil Hulgaard has a bit of a fever, he informs on Facebook.

Minister of Justice Nick Hækkerup (S) is also ill at home with corona symptoms and awaiting test results, while Minister of Employment Peter Hummelgaard (S) has been placed under home quarantine after being in contact with an infected person. He will be tested later today.

Source: ekstrabladet.dk

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