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Two men guilty of killing men in Ruds Vedby and Vemmelev

Two men sentenced to life for killing older men in Ruds Vedby and Vemmelev

Two men guilty of killing men in Ruds Vedby and Vemmelev

The court in Næstved has just handed down a verdict against two men. They are both sentenced to life in prison for the killings of Kiehn Georg Andersen and Poul Frank Jørgensen.

This is how it sounded when judge Ulla Tange Christensen on Tuesday at 13.30 read out the verdict against a 35-year-old and a 43-year-old man. They have been convicted of the murders of 68-year-old coin collector Kiehn Georg and 80-year-old Poul Frank Jørgensen. 

Among the juries, there was agreement on the sentencing.

– The nature and seriousness of the conditions are brutal and there is a case of murder. The bodies have been treated indecently. Cynicism has been shown before, during and after the killings, and there are no mitigating circumstances, the judge continued.

The court in Næstved has chosen to follow the Medical Examiner’s Council’s recommendations that both should go to prison.

The 35-year-old appealed the verdict for acquittal or mitigation on the spot. 

The 43-year-old is considering whether to appeal the verdict.

– It will probably be appealed, it sounded from his defender Lars Urup after the verdict.

Lars Urup disagrees with the Medical Examiner’s Council’s assessment of his client. He does not believe that an ordinary prison sentence is the right thing to do.

– I think he should have had a treatment sentence. The idea is, after all, that he should go out into the community at some point and function. He does this best and most correctly, if it is, he gets some help for his mental challenges, said Lars Urup, defender of the 43-year-old, after the verdict.

Both men are to be remanded in custody in an ordinary arrest during the appeal.

Filled courtroom

Courtroom six in the court in Næstved was completely full when the verdict and sentencing on Tuesday was to take place against two friends who are accused of the murder of two elderly men in West Zealand.

 The mood in the courtroom is under pressure and no one is talking as they have taken their seats in court on Tuesday morning.

Several of the relatives have difficulty being in the hall at all. The 43-year-old man has several wounds on his forehead. He has previously told the court that he is self-harming, and in pressured situations he hits his head into the wall to calm his head.


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