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This Swedish woman was a prisoner in the IS camp - now she has escaped to Sweden

The Swedish woman was a prisoner in the IS camp – now she has escaped to Sweden

This Swedish woman was a prisoner in the IS camp - now she has escaped to Sweden
A Swedish IS woman has succeeded in leaving the notorious Al-Hol camp in Syria and is now in the Gothenburg region, according to reports to SVT.
The woman from Western Sweden is in her 30s and traveled to Syria in 2013.

Seven years later, she is home again, alone. Both man and child are dead. According to reports to SVT, she has managed to get out with the help of human traffickers. She was taken to Turkey, where Turkish authorities then put her on a flight to Sweden. The woman is not arrested or detained but is now being investigated for war crimes. Following the new terrorist legislation, there are greater opportunities for the police to investigate returnees.

The price for freedom: Up to one million SEK

There are around 70,000 refugees in Al-Hol refugee camp in northeastern Syria. The large group is civilian, but in the middle is an enclosed area with armed guards where the IS women are held as prisoners.

And it is leaking IS prisoners from Al-Hol, independent sources tell SVT. Several contraband leagues occur in the area. SVT has spoken to relatives who say that it can cost between 100,000 to one million Swedish kronor to get a woman smuggled. The more expensive the safer smuggling.

11,000 prisoners from all over the world

SVT has previously stated that a group of 20-30 IS women were smuggled out of Al-Hol. Among them are four Swedish women and their children. All were captured by the Syrian army and put in the infamous Adra prison outside Damascus.

The Kurds themselves say that in recent months, IS women from the Netherlands, France, Finland, Switzerland and Sweden have been smuggled out of Al-Hol. There have also been riots in the prisons where the IS men are held, and some men managed to get out.

Today, the Kurds in northeastern Syria hold 11,000 IS prisoners from all over the world. 2,000 men in prisons and about 9,000 women being held in refugee camps. Some have been incarcerated for over three years.

Source: svt.se

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