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Giant hail over North Africa among the world’s largest


Libya’s capital, Tripoli, was hit by 15-20 centimeters of hail on Tuesday.

A heavy hailstorm in Denmark is unpleasant to be hit by, but the hailstorms that thundered down over Tripoli on Tuesday were deadly. It has been seen before that giant hail has led to skull fractures.

In connection with a so-called supercell, a violent hailstorm formed over Tripoli, which sent hail of just over 15 centimeters down over the capital.

According to Severe Weather Europe , the hail can be measured among the largest hailstones ever recorded. The shotguns from Tripoli are not measured with a measuring tape, but are estimated to be between 15 and 20 centimeters in size. It can not be ruled out that they have even been over 20 centimeters in diameter.

The world’s largest hailstone is over 20 centimeters in diameter

The largest measured hailstones originate from the United States and are measured with measuring tapes in connection with tornadoes.

The largest measured has fallen in connection with a storm in South Dakota, USA. The shotgun had a diameter of 20.3 centimeters and is from July 2010. A handball has approximately a diameter of 20 centimeters.

This is not the first time the record shot from South Dakota has been challenged by photos.

In the video below from Cordoba in Argentina, you can see a violent hailstorm from February 8, 2018. The recordings have been examined carefully, and the hail you see falling after just ten seconds has been estimated to measure between 18 and 24 centimeters. The video has been studied by researchers from Pennsylvania State University in the United States.


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