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Third minister resigns after explosion in Beirut


The Minister of Justice resigns after the protests that have dominated the cityscape of Beirut.

Lebanese Justice Minister Marie-Claude Najm is stepping down.

It writes several media outlets , including the news agencies Reuters and AFP.

The minister is leaving her post as early as Monday, a government spokeswoman said, making her the third Lebanese minister to step down since the Beirut explosion a week ago.

Her announcement comes on top of the protests that have characterized the cityscape over the past week.

In addition to Marie-Claude Najm, the Minister of Information and the Minister of the Environment have already resigned.

The Prime Minister will print early elections

The country’s prime minister , Hassan Diab, said at the weekend that he would ask for an opportunity to call early elections because of the current situation in Lebanon.

The blast has so far claimed the lives of 158 people, while over 6,000 have been injured. Due to the devastation caused by the explosion , 300,000 have been displaced from their homes.


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