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Mette Frederiksen

The Government Is Ready To Send The Big Kids Back To School

Mette Frederiksen

Cafes, restaurants and shops can also look forward to having to open their doors again, says Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen.

If the government states that both shops, restaurants and cafes should be allowed to reopen after 10 May. At the same time, the big students must also go back to school.

That’s what Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen (S) says after receiving both health and socio-economic assessments of various reopening scenarios on Wednesday.

– Based on the preliminary wishes of the parties, it will be the government’s proposal that, with phase 2, we will re-open all retail, including large centers, that restaurants and cafes can start opening again and that the big school children will have the opportunity to get more of their everyday life back, even though there may not be a full schooling, she says in a press release.

Frederiksen adds that she expects even more elements to come into play when, on Wednesday evening at 18 and again on Thursday, she will negotiate with the Folketing’s parties on the planning of the next phase of the reopening of Denmark.

Praise to the Danes

The Danish Serum Institute has assessed the health consequences, and from this the conclusion is made with certain reservations that as long as the Danes keep their distance and remember to wash their hands and sprites, it is possible to open a part without the infection pressure exploding.

With the scenario recommended by the government, there is even a likelihood that the first wave of the disease covid-19 will go by itself, which is why Mette Frederiksen is optimistic.

– The Danes keep their distance, control the hygiene and show consideration. And as a society, we are controlled and progressive. We now see the results. Thanks to our joint efforts, there is now room to open Denmark further. That’s well done. And it is extremely gratifying that we can continue the reopening of Denmark already on Monday, she says.

Intense negotiations

According to the prime minister, they are betting that with some “intense” negotiation meetings, they can reach an agreement quickly in place, “so that the places that are allowed to open on Monday are given just a few days’ notice to prepare.”

The economic report prepared by three finance professors for the government recommends, among other things, that a long-term strategy be developed so that companies and others know what to do with them. This, together with a precautionary principle, will have a positive impact on the economy, it says. And this is in line with the government’s own intentions:

– In addition to organizing the next phase of the opening, the goal of the political negotiations is also to agree a comprehensive plan and order for the subsequent phases, so that the Danes can get an overview of what will happen when, says Mette Frederiksen.

Defends reopening to date

The government has recently been criticized by several bourgeois parties for being reluctant to provide information in the negotiations. And for having a restrictive line in relation to reopening.

However, Mette Frederiksen defends the government’s decisions prior to tonight’s negotiations:

– Throughout the process, it has been crucial for the government to maintain as much activity as possible in the private business sector, but also to give families of young children much more of their daily lives back.

– It also gave parents more work peace. At the same time, we reopened the liberal professions. During the partial shutdown, it is estimated that every other private employee continued to work, says Mette Frederiksen.

Source: nyheder.tv2.dk

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