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Businesses, commuters and politicians calling: Open the border to Sweden

Keeping the border closed is hard for the economy, the players believe.

The borders are open to German, Norwegian and Icelandic tourists and they EU citizenswho has family in Denmark.

And Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen yesterday aired the possibility that people from low-pressure countries could soon come to Denmark, but whether Sweden is included in those plans remains unclear.

Both business people in the Øresund region and politicians are frustrated.

They believe that the border should open as soon as possible so that it does not have even greater impact on the economy than it already has.

It is especially lacking of tourists and labor on both sides of the borders, which has great effect on the economy.

One of those who is concerned is Frank Jensen (S), who is the mayor of Copenhagen and vice president of the Greater Copenhagen business policy cooperation.

The border is an obstacle to a large and unified labor market, to business and tourism.

Michael Svane, the industry director of Danish Industry Transport, is also concerned about the prospect of continued closed borders.

The Øresund region is a growth center and we need to get the economy going on top of the corona crisis. So cooperation between the Danish and Swedish side is important to get back into play.

In addition to the Danish votes, the call also comes from Lund’s mayor, Philip Sandberg from the Liberals.


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