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One student positive with coronavirus at sports college – infected 41 others in sauna


42 students have been found infected with coronavirus at Gerlev Sports Academy. They have been infected by one

student in a sauna.

It was really unfortunate that a student from Gerlev Idrætshøjskole broke the school’s guidelines on Thursday last week and sat a little too close in a sauna with the other students.

Now, a total of 42 students at the school have been diagnosed with coronavirus.

– We have 42 students who are infected, confirms principal Tania Dethlefsen to TV2 ØST.

Bread guidelines in the sauna

The school actually has some pretty strict guidelines, where they have chosen as far as they could to close the high school off to the outside world.

But the students who occasionally need some air or are going home to a family party or the like have the opportunity to do so, of course, but then the school ha

He came back for four days and integrated with the other students. But on Thursday last week, he and a bunch of other students went to the sauna and broke the guidelines in the sauna for how close they must be. Inside that sauna, a lot of people have become infected who have gone in and out, says Tania Dethlefsen.

– The crucial thing is that a lot of students across family groups have been close to each other despite the fact that they were not allowed to.

Most students have been sent home

The management has now asked all the students who have the opportunity to go home and isolate themselves. It is about 100 students.

– Now we have 30 students left at the school. 15 international students, which we have allowed to stay, and then have 15 Danish students who have different situations, which has made them unable to go home.

s a rule that you must isolate yourself until you have had a negative test done, tells the principal of the high school.

– There is then one of our students who has done. He got a negative test and came back to school. Unfortunately, his family was corona-infected, but without symptoms. They did not know themselves, they were corona infected, and therefore he did not know either, says principal Tania Dethlefsen.

Out of the 30 students left at school, four are infected.

– We have isolated them for themselves away from the others, says principal Tania Dethlefsen.

The Danish Agency for Patient Safety is present at the school with their mobile test unit, which conducts the second test round today Friday and on Sunday they will then conduct a test round again.

So far, there are no infected among the employees.

Source: tv2east.dk

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