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After Several Months Of Delay , Denmark’s Corona App, Smittestop, Is Released


Denmark’s official app in the fight against the coronavirus is now ready to be downloaded to your phone.

The app should help unravel and stop corona infection chains before they run wild. Right now , it is up to the Danish Agency for Patient Safety – together with the infected self – to trace the close contacts they have had during the period up to the positive test.

Here’s how it works

Infect Stop is based on Apple and Google’s Bluetooth solution exposure notifications , that is, it can be used on both iPhones and Android mobiles.

It uses your phone’s bluetooth signal to record and remember who you met. But the meetings are savedanonymously on your own phone and not on a central server. The authorities can neither talk about who you have been with or where you met.

If you get tested and get a positive result that shows you are infected with Covid-19, you can choose to notify other app users you might be at risk of infection. Here, Google / Apple leaves it up to the individual country to determine exactly how far and close a meeting should be.


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