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Major police action across the country: 11 arrested for extensive fraud with NemID


All 11 persons are charged for data fraud with NemID and key cards.

11 people have become today apprehended by the police in a major case of fraud with NemID in a coordinated action that spans several police.

– In our opinion, this is organized crime, which also has a high degree of planning over it, which encompasses a wide range of circumstances and thus also a large number of innocent citizens who have been exposed to this, says Head of Special Investigation West, Police Inspector Carit Andersen, to DR News.

Police struck, according to DRinformation from as early as 05:00 this morning at several addresses around the country.

Scams for a long time
The many fraudshas been going on for a long time, and the suspects come from Aarhus, Odense, West Zealand and the Copenhagen area, police say. Those arrested are all men between the ages of 16 and 30.

In this case, it is our assessment that the accused have in many cases gained access to the wronged NemID and thus their key cards and thus gained access to their accounts, says Carit Andersen.

According to DR News of the news, the police operate with a theory that the accused, among other things, have installed so-called keyloggers on a strip of public library computers and through the fingers of the victims user ID and passwords.

New cunning scam
In Sunday told DR about some kind of cunning fraud, which is brand new according to one of the country’s leading IT experts, Christian Heinel, He is the Technical Director of Northern Europe in Cisco – one of the world’s largest IT security companies.


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