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Minister: I dag kan du søge om dine indefrosne feriepenge

Minister: From today, danish employees can apply for their frozen holiday pay

Minister: I dag kan du søge om dine indefrosne feriepenge

The money will be paid out within seven working days.

From today, Danish employees can go to borger.dk and apply for three weeks of their frozen holiday pay.

This was stated by Minister of Employment Peter Hummelgaard (S) at a press conference .

The money can be ordered until 1 December, and it will take up to seven working days from the time the money has been requested until it lands in the pockets of the Danish employees .

– It is voluntary if you as an employee want the holiday pay paid, but I am convinced that many Danes will raise them and spend more money – preferably in Danish companies – for the benefit of the entire economy and thus also the labor market , says Minister of Employment Peter Hummelgaard (S).

Already a few minutes after the press conference , there is an hour’s wait to get to the page on borger.dk where you can order the money.

According to Anne Kristine Axelsson, Executive Vice President of ATP, you should also wait a few days to apply for the money so as not to overload the systems. The system can handle 90,000 citizens per hour, and therefore it will end up wrong if all Danes apply for the money immediately.

She also comes with a small warning at the press conference .

– We only use borger.dk and eboks.dk. If you receive inquiries by SMS, phone or email, then it is scammers who are trying to defraud you of your money. Payment is only made by logging on to borger.dk, says Anne Kristine Axelsson.


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