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Chinese Corona

Chinese Corona Rise: ‘Many Are Convinced That Infection Only Comes From Abroad’

Chinese Corona

In fact, only travelers are being tested for corona, says the Asia correspondent of the DR.

The corona messages have otherwise long been positive from China.

Too few infected and virtually no registered deaths have officially been reported in recent weeks.

But then came the announcement on Sunday about 108 new coronary cases.

Here you can see how many coronary-related deaths have been in Denmark and the hardest hit countries.

It is the highest number of infected in six weeks, and it now causes the country’s authorities to fear another wave of infection.

In reality, the figures may be somewhat higher, according to Philip Khokhar, DR’s Asia correspondent.

The infected who count here are primarily Chinese originating abroad and who have traveled back to China. It’s pretty much the only group being tested for corona right now.

Therefore, one must be careful to believe the Chinese infection numbers, says Philip Khokhar.

You have an extremely high focus on the fact that infection is now something that comes in across the border from abroad. It is certainly true that about 100 returned Chinese people were found infected on Sunday, but I feel pretty sure the figure is not appropriate for the entire country, he says.

Mantra of no internal coronary infection

Many have long suspected China of tinkering with official figures on the number of coronary-infected and coronary-related deaths.

And the message from China has long been sounding that the coronary infection is now something that is mainly imported by infected from abroad.

You gradually have a mantra that there is no longer an internal coronary infection and that it is not something to worry about. So many people are convinced that infection only comes from abroad, says Philip Khokhar.

I hear more and more stories about people who go to the hospital because they think they have corona and who are then sent home with the message that the corona does not exist in China anymore and that it does not spread from Chinese to Chinese .

These are stories that Philip Khokhar has difficulty verifying, yet thriving as part of the corona understanding of the country right now.

The corona virus occurred in November last year in the city of Wuhan in the Chinese province of Hubei, which was far worst hit. More than 3,000 coronary deaths were recorded in Wuhan.

Everyday life is back in parts of China

Right now, the overall Chinese corona strategy is actually quite simple.

The vast majority of foreigners are denied entry to China, and everyone in the country must wear a mask.

The perception here is that the corona is now something that is out in the world. This is something that is being brought to China, which is why strict border controls have been introduced, says Philip Khokhar.

Parts of the country are still closed down, but several places have also been opened.

This is true, for example, in the million city of Shanghai, where Philip Khokhar lives.

People are in cafes and restaurants here in Shanghai. I myself have just been to an Easter lunch. It was totally strange.


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