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New restrictions - Skåne residents are urged to avoid shops and public transport

New restrictions – Skåne residents are urged to avoid shops and public transport

New restrictions - Skåne residents are urged to avoid shops and public transport

Region Skåne is tightening its coronary measures due to increased spread of infection. Everyone in Skåne is urged to avoid public transport and shops. At the same time, there are reports that the number of patients in the hospitals’ intensive care units is increasing.

The audience ceiling will also remain at 50 people. In the last 24 hours, the number of covid cases has increased sharply in Skåne. The number of patients admitted to IVA has almost doubled. On Tuesday afternoon, the Skåne region therefore held an extra press conference.

– In recent weeks, the spread of infection in Skåne has increased very rapidly. That it has doubled in just a few weeks is very serious, said regional director Alf Jönsson. Here are the new restrictions: Region Skåne tightened the advice on Tuesday, which applies three weeks ahead: Everyone should avoid traveling by public transport or other public transport. Trips that can not be avoided, such as trips to work, school or care visits, can always be carried out.

Everyone should refrain from staying in indoor environments where there is a risk of congestion such as shops and shopping centers. Necessary visits to, for example, grocery stores and pharmacies can be made. Everyone is advised against arranging or participating in sports competitions and cups where many meet and where travel is necessary.

Everyone should avoid hanging out with people other than those you live with or meet every week. All businesses should take steps to minimize the number of visitors at the same time, adjust opening hours and offer digital options. Employers should provide the conditions and encourage staff to work from home whenever possible.

Business trips, conferences and other physical meetings should be avoided. Source: Region Skåne Recalls this spring At the press conference, infection control doctor Eva Melander was asked how the situation is compared to this spring. – The situation in Sweden is largely reminiscent of this spring.

We see almost the same development around the county, but at the same time point out that there is now a more efficient sampling which means that significantly more people can be tested, Melander said. Shouldn’t shopping malls close down to reduce the spread of infection? – I hope that people follow the recommendations. We are not yet facing a situation where society will shut down, said Eva Melander. “Necessary trips only” Why do not you go out with advice regarding restaurants? – There are already regulations and supervision there before.

There are no changes there, said Eva Melander. Skånetrafiken’s traffic director Linus Eriksson appealed to passengers to make only necessary journeys. – You as an individual can help by walking or cycling. Avoid travel during “peak time”, 7-9 and 15-17. Let people get off first before you go on, Eriksson said. Audience ceiling remains On Tuesday, the County Administrative Board of Skåne announced that the audience ceiling of 50 people will remain for public gatherings and public events. – I know that not everyone thinks it’s fun, but that’s what it looks like now, said Governor Anneli Hulthén.

Source: svt.se

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