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Tram Traffic Is Safely Stopped In Gothenburg

The municipality has requested a stop for all tram traffic in Gothenburg, from Tuesday afternoon. But according to the trade union, Gothenburg’s railways refuse to stop traffic, reports the Gothenburg Post.

The safety representatives claim that the employer and the principal did not take adequate protective measures for the tram drivers against the corona virus. Among other things, the drivers are forced to go in packed wagons on scheduled trips in the service and cannot choose to protect themselves against infection.

– Not all cabins are frequent. It has been going on since the middle of March, but nothing happens, says Johan Kanmert, safety representative and member of the Traffic department, Municipal West to TT.

However, Johan Kanmert has told the Gothenburg Post that the employer Gothenburg’s tramways refuse to stop traffic. SVT News West seeks management on Gothenburg’s tramways to validate the task, but it is sitting in a meeting.

“The only thing I can confirm is that Kommunal Vest has sent out this notice of safety stop, and now they are meeting with the management and trying to reach an agreement,” says Robert Lindberg, communicator at Gothenburg’s tramways.

West traffic: Safety is important

Gothenburg’s tramways are the employer, but Västtrafik has overall responsibility for staff safety. When SVT News West talks to Västtrafik, the news has just reached them.

It is unclear if it all came as a surprise.

“What we know now is that Gothenburg’s tramways are meeting with union representatives,” says Mette Ramquist, Press Manager at Västtrafik.

So she continues:

– It is important for both us and Gothenburg’s tramways that both staff and travelers feel safe.

Source: svt.se

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