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Søren Brostrøm: Face Mask Does Not Make Sense Right Now In Denmark


The National Board of Health is keeping an eye on the rising number of infections, but does not support the requirement for face mask now and here.

There is still no reason for Danes to wear face mask when they move around the community.

Whether they cycle, shop or use public transport.

This is stated by the director of the National Board of Health, after several experts have recently discussed a possible requirement for a face mask in Denmark.

Face mask make no sense in the current situation, where we still have a very low infection in Denmark, says Søren Brostrøm.

– But can it make sense in the long run when we move together in public transport and other situations? That, of course, is something we need to assess, he notes.

Researcher: Convinced of face mask

The message comes, after several experts in a row media has predicted that Danes should soon prepare to wear a face mask.

– I feel quite convinced that we are going to wear a face mask. It has many benefits that we have become aware of in recent times, said Thomas Benfield, a researcher in infectious diseases at Hvidovre Hospital, yesterday to DR News.

– It will be in special situations where you get close and can not keep your distance. Typically in public transportation, at the doctor’s or in businesses, says Thomas Benfield.

Doubling of new cases of infection

The background is the number of illnesses in recent weeks, where the number of weekly infections has largely doubled in three weeks.

From 123 new cases of covid-19 in early July to 240 in week 29. This is a development that has led experts to warn that the second wave of the corona epidemic has begun.

One of them is Viggo Andreasen, associate professor at the Department of Science and Environment at Roskilde University Center and expert in epidemic-mathematics.

– The number of new cases of infection has been increasing in the last three weeks. And it is such a big increase that it is not just a statistical coincidence, he says to P1 Morgen.


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