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Three employees infected with coronavirus at slaughterhouse – ward sent in quarantine

Danish Crown

Three employees at the Danish Crown pig slaughterhouse in Ringsted have been tested positive for coronavirus. As a result, the slaughterhouse has chosen to close down an entire department and send about 30 employees home in quarantine, while a total of about 80 employees have been asked to be tested.

This is done to ensure the best possible protection against the risk of further spread of covid-19, the slaughterhouse writes in a statement.

It is important to emphasize that COVID-19 is not transmitted through food. When we react as cash as we do, it is because we already in March made a clear plan for what we do when an employee is found infected with COVID-19, says Per Laursen, production director at Danish Crown Pork, in a message.

At the same time, Danish Crown has contacted the authorities to clarify whether all of the slaughterhouse’s approximately 900 employees should be tested.

On Sunday evening, Danish Crown received information that an employee had been diagnosed with corona virus. As a result, employees at the slaughterhouse were informed and a group of 15 people were quarantined.

On Monday afternoon, the slaughterhouse received word that another employee had posted positive for covid-19 infection after feeling sick on Sunday, and no later than Tuesday, a third employee tested positive.

– Right now it is about doing everything we can to avoid further spread of infection, Per Laursen emphasizes.

It is unclear how the employees have been infected, and we also do not know if there has been a spread at the slaughterhouse, but to ensure ourselves as best we can, we have chosen to close the department in question for the time being.

As a consequence of the closed department, only half power will be slaughtered in the coming days in Ringsted.

Source: www.tv2east.dk

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