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Majority Outside Government

Open Everything Except Nightclubs And Big Events – Majority Outside Government

Majority Outside Government

The assembly ban should be raised incrementally to 500 from August 1, the parties suggest.

Radical Left, the Conservative People’s Party, the Left, the Liberal Alliance, the Danish People’s Party, the New Civic and the Alternative go to the reopening negotiations with a joint proposal.

The parties agree on an accelerated reopening of Denmark, which is based on the following three principles, according to a draft agreement that DR News holds.

  • Anything that has previously been closed down can be opened under the health guidelines set by the authorities. Nightclubs, discos, venues and large events (+500 participants) where there is a risk of super-spreading – will still not be allowed. If there are further areas where, in the opinion of a health professional, guidelines cannot be made to protect against the spread of infection, these will also be closed.
  • Assembly restrictions are gradually stepped up from 10 to 50 people on May 25, 50 to 200 people on June 25, and 200 to 500 on August 1. The gradual easing is provided that one meter distance is still maintained.
  • Temporary border control of entry bans and tightened travel guides will be eased by the end of May.

It is a declining figure for new admissions that is why the parties will remove the vast majority of corona restrictions.

However, the fact that they together constitute a majority does not mean that they can dictate how today’s negotiations should end. The question of border opening, for example, is only the government’s case.

But they will put pressure on the government, says political leader Radical Left Morten Østergaard (R).

The real question is not: “Do we dare to open?” But: “Is there reason to stay closed?”

We still have to take the risk of infection spreading very seriously. But it is the common sense and clever behavior of the Danes that prevents the spread of infection. Not bans and border closures, he says.

The Prime Minister rejects

Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen (S) does not think it will be health-wise to make such a big reopening.

When you step into Christiansborg, you can almost get the impression that the corona is behind us, she says, warning against that thinking.

In my eyes, it will be wrong to lose patience, to go too fast and put everything we have achieved beyond control.


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