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Three Coronavirus Deaths In Denmark In The Last Day


The number of corona inmates falls by 14 people. The total death toll is now 554 people.

The number of coronavirus admissions has dropped by 14 to 127, states the Serum Institute . That’s the lowest number since March 17, Ritzau writes.

Three Danes infected with corona have died in Denmark the last day , so the total death toll is now at 554.

The new figures also show that out of the 127 inmates, 25 are intensive, while 16 of them are in respirators. There has been no more intensive work in the past 24 hours , while the number of respirators has fallen by two.

10th consecutive day with less than 100 new infected

Earlier today, it was revealed that another 73 people have been tested positive for coronavirus in Denmark since the survey yesterday. It is the 10th consecutive day with less than 100 new infected.

A total of 11,117 people are registered infected, while 412,051 people have been tested.

The increase in new confirmed cases of infection is at almost the same level as yesterday when 76 people were registered infected.

However, the number of people who are or have been infected with coronavirus in Denmark may be higher. This is because, among other things, not all infected people experience symptoms and it is not certain that everyone with symptoms can be tested.


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