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Mattias Tesfaye

Muslims Are Encouraged To Pray Only With Those They Live With – Mattias Tesfaye

Mattias Tesfaye

The fasting month of the Muslims, the Ramadan, begins today, and it is now prompting Foreign and Integration Minister Mattias Tesfaye (S) to issue a warning to the country’s Muslims.

Tonight your party starts. Ramadan. It must NOT mean an explosion in infected, he writes on Facebook .

The minister links to an article in BT, where two doctors warn that there are apparently more immigrant backgrounds among the corona patients at Hvidovre Hospital.

Tesfaye therefore calls on the country’s more than 320,000 Muslims to uphold official corona guidelines during their feast.

Also remember that the Christians had a very different Easter. Empty churches. No breakfasts in the family. The traditions were missing. The Muslim holiday will also be different, the minister writes.

‘Don’t eat many’

Muslims are urged not to pray for more than ten people, to keep their distance and to avoid being too many when breaking the fast after sunset.

– It is not enough to gather many from the family to break the fast, as many people usually do. One should just be with those you live with. And then try to be together using video connections or other digital aids, writes Mattias Tesfaye.

Advice that goes again in the guidance that the Ministry today published in several different languages.

Eid parties should be kept small

The Corona threat also goes beyond the big parties that traditionally end the fasting month.

– As it seems now, this year the big Eid party must also be held in smaller companies. You must not be more than 10 together – this also applies in parks and in nature, writes the Foreign and Integration Minister.

He also calls for donations, which are usually given during Ramadan, to be donated via mobile payments or other contactless transfers.

– We can only overcome Covid-19 if we all stand together to follow the health authorities’ guidelines. This is also true during religious holidays, the minister states.

Imam: You have to follow the recommendations

Imam Kassem Rachid of the mosque in Aabenraa supports the Minister’s announcement:

– Of course, I urge all Muslims to abide by the recommendations of the authorities and the guidelines of the National Board of Health. As Muslims we are part of the community, we also have to deal with this coronavirus and do what we can to keep the infection down, he says to the DR, adding:

– It will not be the same as before, but it will probably be a good Ramadan anyway.

Source: dr.dk

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