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Wuhan Is Banned From Eating Wild Animals


In the Chinese province of Wuhan, where the corona eruption began, the authorities have issued a ban on eating wild-caught animals, and it should also be prohibited to hunt them, writes several media.

At the same time, the rules on wildlife management are also being tightened in other regions as well, and the illegal trade in animals must also be fought. It reports among other CBS news. The reason is the new corona virus, which, according to a largely agreed research community, emerged in a food market in the city and then spread throughout the world.

Already early in the pandemic, a ban was imposed on all sales of wild animals where the purpose is to eat the animal. Now the local authorities in the 11 million city of Wuhan go a step further and introduce an explicit ban on the eating itself.

Hunting Ban

In addition, all hunting within the city is also stopped, which is proclaimed a “game reserve”, reports Newsweek. Exceptions are made only for hunting for research purposes or to limit the size of the animal strain or prevent the spread of infection.

According to the prevailing theories, covid-19 has been transmitted from live bats to humans, possibly with the involvement of another animal species held captive in the wildlife market.

by: Johan Juhlin

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