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Stefan Löfven

A ‘breaking point’: Now the Swedish Prime Minister is linking immigrants and crime

Stefan Löfven

Sweden’s Prime Minister acknowledges the country’s problems with immigrants and gangs.

Folkhemmet’s leaders and elected representatives have for a long time rejected that there should be a connection between immigration and the increase in gang crime in the country.

But after the number of explosions and shooting episodes broke all records last year and a series of similar, gang-related incidents during the summer – not least the killing of a mere 12-year-old girl who was out to air her dog in early August – have the pipe suddenly got a different sound from the Social Democratic Prime Minister Stefan Löfven.

Integration and crime in Sweden

– With large migration, it becomes more difficult to create successful integration. And then the risk also grows for the problems we now see, Löfven said during a party leader debate in the Riksdag last week.

In the SVT program Aktuellt , Löfven elaborated:

– When you have immigration of an order of magnitude that means that you do not succeed with integration, then it is that we get social tensions in society.


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