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Coronaturist In Stockholm: Daria And Her Girlfriend Have Fled Prague’s Restrictions


During the crisis, Sweden has become an attractive tourist destination for the corona weavers.

Sweden’s handling of the corona crisis has been on many lips. The discussion has often gone to the question ‘Are the Swedes mad or ingenious?’ If you ask people like Daria Zvereva, the latter is probably the right answer to that question.

A new phenomenon

Daria Zvereva is a so-called coronaturist – a new phenomenon that arose during the corona crisis. On a daily basis she lives in Prague with her Dutch girlfriend, and there they were subject to many restrictions . Like Copenhagen, Prague has been shut down. The streets are empty and the city’s restaurants and shops are closed. That is why Daria explored the possibility of getting away – in addition to Belarus, Sweden was the only opportunity in Europe.

The election fell on Stockholm, where they have lived for the past three weeks. In Sweden, Daria has the opportunity to maintain a lifestyle of restaurant visits, manicures and shopping – something that would be impossible back in Prague.

Several have found themselves snug in Sweden

Daria and her boyfriend aren’t the only ones. Other corona-weary people have also traveled to Sweden to benefit from the country’s liberal corona strategy.

Since the beginning of the corona crisis, Sweden has raised its eyes by holding back restrictions . While most other countries have closed down for weeks, the Swedish restaurants, bars and gyms, among others, have remained open.

Instead of a shutdown, both the Swedish government and the health authorities have appealed for the Swedes to take responsibility for minimizing the risk of infection.

But even though it has been possible to go to bars and shops, consumption in Sweden has fallen almost as much as in Denmark during the corona crisis.

Daria is excited to live in Stockholm, she feels more free here than in Prague.

In Stockholm, she and her boyfriend have stayed at the famous Swedish Grand Hotel, Sweden’s answer to the Hotel d’Angleterre. An overnight stay costs between SEK 4,000 and SEK 20,000.


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