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Corona Vaccines

The UK Has Secured 230 Million Doses Of Possible Corona Vaccines

Corona Vaccines
                                                 Photo: Scanpix / Dado Ruvic

The UK has signed agreements securing the country 90 million doses of potential vaccines against covid-19, which is the disease caused by coronavirus.

It informs the country’s Ministry of Trade.

The country has concluded two agreements. One is with the biotech companies Pfizer and BioNTech, who are together developing one vaccine mod covid-19. This possible vaccine Britain has secured 30 million doses of.

In addition, an agreement has been reached with French Valneva for 60 million doses of it vaccine, which the company is developing.

There is a clause which makes it possible to get 40 million more, if vaccine proves to be safe and effective, the ministry said.

No vaccine ready yet

Currently no one is working vaccine mod covid-19. The UK, however, has secured three different types of possible vaccines – a total of 230 million possible doses.

– This new partnership with some of the world’s leading pharmaceutical and vaccine companies will ensure that the UK has the best possible chance of securing a vaccine, which protects those most at risk, says Trade Minister Alok Sharma.

The financial aspects of the agreements entered into are not disclosed.

Britain has in the past published an agreement with the company Astra Zeneca for 100 million doses of possible corona vaccines. The potential vaccine is being developed in collaboration with Oxford University.

According to the UK, the country’s deal with Pfizer and BioNTech is the first of its kind. The development of vaccine is in the relatively earlier stages of testing.

The companies aim to produce up to 100 million doses of vaccine before the end of 2020. If vaccine are successful, they will produce 1.2 billion doses by 2021.

French Valnevas possible vaccines is still in the pre-clinical stages. The company is set to conduct clinical trials in late 2020.

Source: dr.dk

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