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Now The Danish Parliament Must Take A Stand: The Danes Automatically Demand Citizenship For Foreigners

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Earlier this year, a citizens’ proposal was drawn up, requesting automatic citizenship for foreigners who have been in the country for more than 10 years. That proposal must now be considered by the Folketing.

On the site Borgerslur.dk, ordinary Danes have the opportunity to make their voices heard. Either by raising their own proposal or supporting one of those provided by other citizens.

The goal is for one’s proposal to reach 50,000 supports in less than 180 days. If this happens, the parties at Christiansborg must decide which of them will present it as a resolution in the Folketing.

Now, another proposal has crossed the magic line, so politicians must actually take a stand on it. This time, it’s one of the hotly debated topics. Here, a group of Danish citizens will become citizens of Denmark automatically when they have lived in this country for ten years.

These people must have citizenship

A group of citizens has been given the go-ahead for the citizenship law to be amended on two crucial points.

1. Anyone who has had legal residence (temporary or permanent residence permit) in Denmark for ten consecutive years can obtain a Danish citizenship (as a gift) either by submitting a declaration to this effect or by law. This is made possible by Article 44 of the Constitution.

2. The existing possibilities for applying for citizenship within 10 years are maintained or improved.

The proposal will not apply to everyone. Citizens who have been convicted under Chapters 12 and 13 of the Penal Code are not covered by the proposal. It is these two chapters that deal with treason and terrorism.

The background for the proposal – which 56,776 support at the time of writing – is that they believe Denmark has very strict rules when it comes to granting citizenship:

“It does not matter if you have come here on a work-related visa, because you have got a job in Denmark, if you are married and have children with a Danish citizen, or if you have fled war. It is the same tough requirements that must be met. For all refugees, a residence permit is generally granted temporarily, in order to maintain an expectation of not being able to stay in the country. This also applies to people who have no other citizenship. ”

Source: dagens.dk

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