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Summer Holidays

The EU Wants To Save The Summer Holidays: Here Is The Plan

Summer Holidays

The tourism industry is severely affected by the corona crisis and the closed borders. New EU guidelines must boost tourism and save the important industry.

The borders are closed in most places in Europe, and the planes are quiet around the airports.

It has caused the tourism industry to bleed everywhere in Europe.

An industry that makes up about 10 percent of the EU’s total GDP and employs about 27 million Europeans directly or indirectly, according to figures from the European Commission.

Therefore, the Commission today presented a series of guidelines to ensure that the countries can re-open to tourists and thus save a bit of the summer season.

– Tourism is a vital part of the European economy. Millions of jobs depend on tourism, but we will have to reopen safely. This means that we must take small and gradual steps, ”said Danish Commissioner Margrethe Vestager when she presented the guidelines.

Among other things, the European Commission proposes that countries open borders at two stages.

Countries with the same infection rate can open to each other

In the first phase, countries with the same epidemiological situation can open borders to each other. An example could be Greece and Denmark, as both countries have the same low infection rate. Or even better neighboring countries where the journey is not so long.

And only during the second phase will the whole Schengen area borders be fully opened again.

– Our recommendation is that the borders be opened. The health protocols, of course, need space, but our recommendation is that the border restrictions be lifted for countries that have a fairly uniform pressure, so that it can be defended in health care. It is a fundamental thing for Europeans to have free movement, says Margrethe Vestager.

The Commission is also working on an interactive map designed to make it easier to plan a corona-safe tour as a tourist. Right down to each restaurant and hotel, it should be possible to see how good the corona hygiene is at that location and whether it is possible to comply with social distance rules.

It is now up to the Member States whether they will follow the Commission’s guidelines.

No discrimination

However, it is crucial for the European Commission that no internal discrimination exists within the Union.

If the border is opened between Germany and Austria, all EU citizens residing in the countries concerned should be allowed to cross that border – and thus not just Austrians and Germans.

The Commission also calls for reasonable solutions to the quarantine rules so that there is no discrimination in this area.


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