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More outbreaks in Denmark – but what about coronavirus at home?


The number of daily infections peaked in April, but has been declining since.

In Hjørring, 31 employees have been sent home and 15 residents have been found infected with coronavirus in a nursing home.

The same has happened in Espergærde and Falster, where entire school classes and teachers are quarantined. And at a private event at Skovridderkroen in Charlottenlund, almost half of the company is found infected.

This is how many smaller outbreaks have filled the media, in the weeks following Denmark’s opening of the country’s shutdown . Nevertheless, Professor of Immunology at the University of Copenhagen Jan Pravsgaard Christensen believes that “we have kept the status quo”.

As long as the virus is not eradicated, we have to focus on these small outbreaks, he says.

Although new small outbreaks are popping up in different parts of the country, the total number of daily registered infected “only” has sounded at 24, 76, 28 and the like over the past many weeks – far from the 473 infected recorded on April 3 , where the number of daily infections peaked.

– These are numbers I’ve been watching. And it tells me that we are not in the process of a second wave. When we ignore the concentrated outbreaks, it is in the small things department, Jan Pravsgaard Christensen, a professor of immunology at the University of Copenhagen, tells TV 2.

The number of infected people in Denmark peaked at the beginning of April, where from 1 to 7 April 2378 new file cases were registered with covid-19 in Denmark.

Can rise exponentially fast

Jan Pravsgaard Christensen calls the small, local outbursts “an interplay of circumstances” and says that so far no one can blame them.


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