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Corona Door To Door Testing: From today, elderly people in Hjørring Municipality can be tested at home


20 cars must drive around to elderly people in Hjørring Municipality to test for coronavirus.

Residents of the elderly in Hjørring Municipality do not have to move out of the door to find a test center when they need to be tested for coronavirus.

Hjørring Municipality has cooperated with Region Northern Jutland, which sends 20 cars around the municipality with test personnel, so that up to 3,000 elderly people can be tested in their own homes.

The mobility of the elderly is not like everyone else’s, so it is natural that we drive out and test them at home. They are also more secure in their own homes, compared to a large test tent, says Malene Møller Nielsen, head of health planning inRegion North Jutland.

The Board of Patient Safety has advised Hjørring Municipality to test the municipality’s elderly in their own homes.

The recommendation comes after the Vendelbocent care center in the city of Sindal has been affected by coronavirus. According to the most recent figures, one resident of the Vendelocent who tested positive for coronavirus has died, while 29 employees have been returned and 15 residents have been infected.

Furthermore, there have also been cases of infection at three schools in the municipality, as well as at a mink farm where up to 11,000 mink have been killed. The Norwegian Serum Institute has found that both mink and humans at Vendelbocentret are infected with the same type of coronavirus.

Accept the test offer
The outbreak of coronavirus has led Hjørring Municipality to launch a larger test effort. Until today, however, sick and elderly people living at home and receiving help from the municipality have not been included in the testing effort.


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