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SAS: Passengers must wear face mask and will not be served food


From May 18, travelers with SAS will have to tie their mouths on board the aircraft and no food will be served on board.

f you are going to travel with SAS from May 18, you will need to wear a bandage.

This is stated in a press release.

– It is mandatory to wear a bandage for passengers from six years and up on all flights with SAS from May 18 to August 31, SAS says.

SAS has introduced several measures to prevent coronary infection among passengers. The airline states that all aircraft are cleaned and disinfected, new boarding rules are introduced to ensure distance between passengers, and only one piece of cabin baggage is allowed in the future. traveler.

End with food on board

No food will be served on board to reduce contact between passengers and staff, as will all non-essential loose items, including reading material, pillows and blankets.

– Many people in Scandinavia are deeply dependent on SAS and air transport. They can be absolutely sure that we take all health and safety precautions seriously, says Vice President Safety & Security Mattias Hedrén in the press release .

SAS emphasizes that the many travel restrictions will continue to have a major impact on air traffic, but it is already clear that more and more people will start flying again as parts of the world slowly reopen.

– SAS is making adjustments in line with developments, and it is expected that there will be alignment of restrictions on international aviation. Meanwhile, SAS is following the industry standard in parallel with its own measures, which are in accordance with local authorities’ rules and guidelines , SAS says.


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