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State Police warns of fines before sunny weekend: ‘We don’t control everything because the sun is shining’


Earlier today, the chief of police warned against gathering in the sunshine.

After two days with the new assembly ban for groups of people of more than 10 people, the police are ready to pull the fine.

Now the acclimation period is over. The law applies, and it will be enforced in the usual way, says state police chief Thorkild Fogde at a press conference.

– Society is not investing billions in fighting this disease just to control it all because the sun is shining, he adds.

The fine for violating the ban is DKK 1,500 per person, which is part of an assembly of more than 10 people. This applies both inside and outside. As far as the chief of police is informed, no fines have been issued yet.

Earlier in the day, the National Police Chief held a press conference all by himself with one message: Too many stumbles together outdoors.

– I can easily understand that you want to go out and enjoy the good weather. It is also perfectly fine. You may want to walk or take a walk.

– But stay away from each other as you move out there. If there are already many in one area, go somewhere else, says Thorkild Fogde.

Some police districts report that they still receive inquiries about larger assemblies. East Jutland Police recalls that in that case, you should call 114.


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