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The major American media agree: Biden has won in Michigan


According to US media, Joe Biden has secured the 16 electors in Michigan and is now close to an overall victory. Earlier Wednesday, it was also the conclusion for the neighboring state of Wisconsin.

According to forecasts from the AP news agency, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has won the presidential election in Michigan. It writes AP on Twitter.

Thus, the AP agrees with several American television stations’ assessment that President Donald Trump no longer has a chance of winning the important swing state.

Thus, Biden gets 16 electors from Michigan. According to the AP’s forecasts, he thus stands to have secured a total of 264 voters.

To become president, a candidate must win 270 electors. According to the AP’s forecasts, Donald Trump stands at 214 voters.

Neither Joe Biden nor the incumbent president, the Republican Donald Trump, has thus late Wednesday Danish time yet won enough states to secure the 270 voters.

And there is some disagreement among the American media about exactly how close Joe Biden is to the 270 voters.

According to forecasts from ABC News, CNN, NBC News and CBS News, Biden has won states with a total of 253 voters. That’s including Michigan.

According to Fox News’ and AP’s forecasts, Joe Biden has also won Arizona. That is why Joe Biden, according to AP and Fox News, stands for the 264 voters.

Regardless of which of the TV stations’ predictions one follows, Joe Biden thus needs to win one or two states.

One of the potential states is Nevada, which has just the six electors Biden is missing. Here, according to AP’s information, a quarter of the votes need to be counted. The votes that were counted up late Wednesday Danish time give Biden a lead of less than one percentage point.

In addition, Georgia is missing, which has 16 voters. Here, some voices need to be spoken in the big city of Atlanta. Prior to their count, Trump leads by over 50,000 votes or just over one percentage point over Biden.

Atlanta is considered strong territory for Biden, though it is unknown if it is strong enough to close the gap up to Trump.

In addition, Pennsylvania and North Carolina are still counting.

Any of these four states, either alone or in combination with Arizona, will secure Joe Biden victory in the US presidential election.

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