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Norsk sundhedsstyrelse: Dele af Danmark bør gøres til 'rødt område'

Erna Solberg: Norwegians should stay home for the next few weeks

Norsk sundhedsstyrelse: Dele af Danmark bør gøres til 'rødt område'

The corona situation in Norway is so serious right now that the Norwegians should stay at home for the next few weeks, limit contact with other people and avoid all travel across the country in the coming weeks.

This is what Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg said in a speech to the Norwegian Storting.

Here she says that the situation has changed dramatically in recent weeks and that the measures that the government has introduced so far are not enough.

– The situation is deeply serious. If developments continue as they are now, we may experience the same thing as more and more countries in Europe are doing. The fear is that the health service will collapse, says Erna Solberg according to VG .

– The risk of losing control is increased. Further restrictions are needed , she says.

Source: dr.dk

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