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Joe Biden

Biden wants the entire United States with “dignified and statesmanlike speech,” the commentator says

Joe Biden

Joe Biden showed off his best side when he held a press conference on Wednesday afternoon. That is the assessment of US commentator Torsten Jansen.

– I am not ready to declare a final victory, but I am sure it is us who will win this election.

This is how it sounds from a confident and quite subdued Joe Biden from the podium in his hometown of Wilmington in Delaware, shortly after he has won major victories in the important swing states of Wisconsin and Michigan.

It was also a proud Democrat who spoke Wednesday afternoon local time.

– Only three other campaigns have succeeded in snatching the incumbent president post. With God’s help, we will be the fourth campaign to succeed, he says.

Statesman Biden

According to US commentator Torsten Jansen, Joe Biden’s performance was worthy of a president.

– It was a very dignified speech and a very statesmanlike speech. It was clearly very well prepared, very well designed to signal a new era in American politics, he says.

In particular, Biden’s concluding remarks fell in a different conciliatory tone than the one we have heard in the final sprint from the Democrat.

We must heal and find each other again as a nation. It’s not going to be easy, so I’m not naive. But I know that in order to make progress, we must stop seeing our opponents as enemies.

– What brings us together is so much stronger than what separates us. The presidency must be able to accommodate all Americans, it reads.

Reconciling tone

It was important for Joe Biden to show the Americans that he is not Donald Trump, assesses Torsten Jansen.

– He feels that he is now entering a new era, a new era where you do not try to run around corners with facts, the commentator says.

On the night of Wednesday, both candidates went out and announced that they appeared to be winning, even though most of the crucial swing states had not yet been decided.


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