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France, Switzerland, Austria, Italy and Spain

Germany Opens Borders With Denmark But Tourist Shopping And Refueling Not Permitted

France, Switzerland, Austria, Italy and Spain

From May 16, 2020 until June 15, 2020, the federal police will continue to carry out temporary border controls at land and air internal borders with France, Switzerland, Austria, Italy and Spain.

Also from May 16, 2020 there is no longer any obligation to use the ratified or approved border crossings. The limit can be exceeded at any point. However, entry for tourist reasons or for shopping, refueling etc. is still not permitted.

Taking further relaxation into account when entering Germany, entry into the federal territory remains permitted if there are valid reasons (see Appendix). The entry and residence regulations remain unaffected.
Valid border crossing documents or residence permits (visas) must be carried when you intend to cross the border.

The federal police control and monitoring measures for cross-border traffic routes at the inland borders are risk-based, event-related, flexible and random.

The gradual easing in the valid reasons for entering Germany relate exclusively to the inland borders. The border regime at the airside borders with Italy and Spain remains unchanged.

The border controls with Denmark will continue for the time being.

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