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DSB Resumes Travel To Hamburg – But It Requires A Face Mask


From May 19, DSB will once again start running trains all the way to Hamburg.

DSB again starts driving to Hamburg from Denmark on 19 May. Otherwise, this has not been possible since the border closure in mid-March.

This confirms the information manager of DSB Tony Bispeskov vis-à-vis Ritzau.

It must be seen in the light of the fact that we can drive by several trains and that we are on our way back to something similar to normal. In Denmark, we are almost normal, and on Monday we will start to open the trains to Hamburg, he says.

” The authorities in Schleswig-Holstein have decided that there is a duty to wear, so you have to wear a mask if you are going to,” Tony Bispeskov told the news agency.

During the corona crisis and the closure of the Danish-German border, DSB has traveled to Flensburg, but passengers can now also travel to Hamburg.

The train to Hamburg will run once a day from Copenhagen and Aarhus. Passengers must be aware that there is still border control.

Huge drop in passenger numbers

On March 20, DSB stated that the number of passengers in DSB ‘s trains was below 15 per cent of normal, and that therefore thenumber of daily trainswould be reduced . In addition, a seat ticket requirement was introduced so that not too many passengers were brought in for fear of corona infection.

The requirement for a seat ticket continues to apply.

If you travel without a valid seat ticket, you run the risk of getting a check fee. We have introduced the requirement to ensure that we do not drive overcrowded trains and to minimize the risk of infection from coronavirus, DSB writes on its website.

When the government shut down Denmark on March 11, the recommendation was that “as far as possible avoid public transport such as trains and buses during peak hours . For shorter trips it is recommended to cycle or walk”.

The same recommendations apply today.

Source: dr.dk

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