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A Man Was Shot By Police - Charged With Manslaughter

A Man Was Shot By Police – Charged With Manslaughter

A Man Was Shot By Police - Charged With Manslaughter

During a Tight Course demonstration, a 52-year-old man threatened with a knife. Police are targeting him for attempted murder.

East Jutland Police are targeting a 52-year-old man for attempted murder in connection with a Stram Course demonstration in Gellerupparken in Aarhus on Friday.

Here, the man was shot by police as he threatened with a knife and did not obey police orders to put the weapon away.

This is what the East Jutland Police writes in a press release.

The man has been arrested and will appear in the constitutional hearing on Saturday at 2 p.m.

Another man was arrested

So will a 40-year-old man charged with complicity in the attempted murder. It is not known how he was involved in the episode in Gellerupparken.

“Our investigation led us late in the evening on the trail of the 40-year-old, whom we suspect played a part in the incident on Friday,” said Police Inspector Michael Kjeldgaard in the press release.

For the sake of the ongoing investigation, we do not want to disclose further right now, but this is a serious matter.

– We are still at an early stage in our investigation, which means that we do not yet have the full picture of the case, he continues.

Stone throwing and fires in the night

Police shots hit the 52-year-old man in the leg.

He was subsequently brought to the hospital for treatment and it is believed that he will be able to attend the constitutional hearing in the Court of Aarhus.

The prosecution will request that the hearing be held behind double-closed doors. If the judge accepts the request, journalists and other outsiders will not have the opportunity to attend the constitutional hearing.

It is unknown whether the 52-year-old told why he brought a knife to the demonstration. No one was hit by a knife. Neither did Rasmus Paludan, who, as head of the Tight Course, was at the head of Friday’s demonstration.

In the aftermath of the shooting incident, riots ensued, with masked persons throwing stones at police, among other things.

And on Saturday night, several containers were set on fire in Gellerupparken.

Source: nyheder.tv2.dk

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