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The Number Of Inmates In Denmark Falls For The Third Day In A Row


The number of coronavirus admissions in Danish hospitals peaked on 1 April, with 533.

The number of people admitted to hospitals in Denmark after being infected with coronavirus has fallen for the third day in a row.

On Saturday there are 507 people admitted. This is a decrease of 10 compared to Friday, new figures from the National Board of Health show. 142 of them are in intensive care units.

On April 1, there were 535 people admitted to Danish hospitals with covid-19, the highest number recorded during the corona epidemic. The following day the figure dropped to 525.


Key ratios

Professor and consultant Thea Kølsen Fischer, head of research at the North Zealand Hospital and expert in viruses and epidemics, believes the decline is a positive sign.

There is something to suggest that the social strategy with quarantine and the fact that the population is very much alive to it has had a beneficial effect, says Thea Kølsen Fischer.

She explains that the figures for inmates – and especially the number of inpatients in intensive care units – are “absolutely key figures” when looking at the corona epidemic in Denmark. The numbers of the dead and infected may be influenced by a number of other factors such as the history of the deceased and how much is being tested.

Regardless of which hospital or country we are looking at, intensive care and respiratory care will be the most ‘clean’ number because there is a very homogeneous group of critically ill patients – either you need a respirator to breathe, or you can you manage it yourself, says Thea Kølsen Fischer.

Most hospitalized in the capital

However, the number of inpatients may also be influenced by factors such as the experience of the staff assessing whether a patient should be admitted.

The number of admitted patients with covid-19 may depend, besides the need for treatment, on several factors, including experience with clinical staff assessing the patient, time of day, occupancy rate and more. The number of covid-related deaths is also a significant marker, says Thea Kølsen Fischer.

The vast majority of inpatients are in hospitals from the Capital Region, figures from the National Board of Health show early Saturday morning.

At the time, a total of 167 were hospitalized in the region, 61 of them in intensive care units, while 17 of them were in respirators.

The fewest inmates had North Jutland Region. Here were 25 Saturday mornings in hospitals in the region, 10 of them in intensive care units, four in respirators.

Source: nyheder.tv2.dk

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