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Danes Rent Holiday Cottages At Easter Despite The Corona


However, rental agencies cannot save their earnings with Danish guests, it says.

Although the government has called on the Danes to loop the Easter holidays in the cottage and instead stay home because of the coronavirus, several rental agencies are experiencing interest from Danes who will rent their houses in the coming week.

This applies for example to Merchant Hansens Holiday Rental, which has 800 holiday homes in Henne Strand.

We have fortunately experienced that there are Danes who would like to stay in a holiday home at Easter, says director Lars Ravnholt.

DanCenter Hejlsminde has the same experience, which has holiday homes in Haderslev, Aabenraa and Kolding. This is what agency manager Lone Gravers tells us.

Right now there are many Danish bookings. And every day there are a lot of rush bookings, both on Saturday (today, ed. ) And during Easter week.

Holiday partners in Blåvand and Sol og Strand, who rent holiday homes throughout the country, also experience Danes booking holiday homes over Easter.

Positive and surprising

It both pleases and surprises Carlos Villaro Lassen, director of the Holiday Homes Rentals Association, which in recent days has received similar reports from agencies in Zealand.

A week ago, I didn’t think it was possible. We have heard from many Danes who did not think it made sense to go to a holiday home. But something suggests that people have been thinking a little.

Carlos Villaro Lassen emphasizes that, according to the government, it is not illegal to go to a holiday home, but to take precautions and follow the recommendations of the authorities.

Holiday homes are an obvious place to isolate themselves and a safe holiday form during these coronation times. People just have to remember to look after the locals and take good care, for example by staying in the car during the ferry crossing and shopping big one at a time, he says.

Unable to save earnings

At Merchant Hansens Holiday Rental, however, this means far from having the agency re-renting all the houses that German tourists had originally booked and since canceled when the borders closed.

And the number of Danish holidaymakers at Easter is not enough for the lost German euro to be earned again, says Lars Ravnholt.

There are a lot of people who might not have even thought about going to a cottage. And they do not now come with such short notice. So it is completely unrealistic to think that the Danes will be able to cover for German tourists.

According to Lars Ravnholt, Merchant Hansens Holiday Rental has lost 90 percent of the rent during Easter due to the corona crisis – and has now re-rented about a quarter.

At DanCenter Hejlsminde, they have also lost a large part of their earnings due to the closed limits. However, they have re-rented about half to Danish tourists, says Lone Gravers.

Status is ok, but we are not up to where we were before the border closure. We hope that the border will be opened soon.

Source: www.dr.dk

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