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Danish borders

The Government Is Introducing A New Model For Opening Borders And Easing Travel Guides In Denmark

Danish borders

There is good news on the way to travel-minded Danes who may have been in doubt about what was to happen during the summer holidays.

The new criteria

* The current restrictions are being replaced by a new model based on criteria based on the health situation in the countries.

* A test criterion, which the authorities are developing, will also be introduced. For all these countries, the Foreign Ministry will at the same time go back to making individual travel guides.

* To be “open”, a country must have less than 20 infected per 100,000 inhabitants per week.

* Once open, the critical level of when a country changes its “quarantine” status will be at 30 infected per 100,000 population.

* This is done to avoid opening and closing due to minor fluctuations from week to week.

* Requirements will also be made for countries’ testing regimes. The State Serum Institute will draw up a table of countries classified weekly as “open” or “quarantine countries”, respectively.

* A list of open and quarantine countries will be established on 25 June. The new model will take effect from June 27.

* If the countries do not have significant entry restrictions on Danish travelers, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs travel guides will be yellow for all open countries.

* This means that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will no longer discourage unnecessary travel, but encourage travelers to exercise extra caution and keep up to date.

* For Danish citizens returning home from travel to yellow countries, the invitation to stay home for 14 days after returning home will lapse.

New travel guides and border eases mean that from June 27, travel to and from certain countries in the EU, Schengen countries and the United Kingdom can be made.

This is stated by the Foreign Ministry in a press release.

– I am pleased that we can now take a significant step towards normalization and enable the Danes to travel to more countries in Europe, says Foreign Minister Jeppe Kofod (S).

– We stand in a significantly better place in Denmark than we had dared to hope just a short time ago.

“That’s why we can now relax the travel guides in a way that allows us to open up most of Europe and go from orange to yellow in the travel guides,” he says.

The model will set some objective criteria. Among other things about a low number of infected. In future, it will be decisive for which of the countries will be opened up, it sounds.

Since March 13, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has, as a starting point, advised against all unnecessary trips abroad. However, as of Monday this week, Germany, Norway and Iceland were taken out of that equation.

The travel guides are just recommendations. It is therefore not illegal if you do not follow them.

The specific details of the model are not yet known, but it is clear that in the first place it means that Sweden and Portugal remain closed countries.

However, for Sweden, there may be special rules which mean that parts of Sweden are opened. For example, the Øresund region.


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