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Rejected Asylum Seekers Cannot Be Sent Home Due To Coronavirus


The government wants a ban on assemblies of two – but will not put it to use, and so the authorities and government are not always good friends.

Denmark has now been shut down for 15 days. And so will we for the next 18 days.

Many Danes across the country are sure to have a lot of questions that they still feel are unanswered.

But if, for example, you have doubts about whether you can be infected with covid-19 without showing symptoms

A new proposal for an emergency law will allow the government to ban assemblies of more than two people in the public space. But according to the Minister of Elderly and Health, Magnus Heunicke (S), it is not something that one wants to put into use right now.

It’s about having an extra weapon in the arsenal to fight the coronavirus as well as possible, the minister said.

But several parties have put on the skeptical glasses – for how to define an assembly of more than two , asks, among other things, the Danish People’s Party, who are concerned about the rights of the campers. And then the Unity List believes that the Folketing should be asked about law if the government wants to implement the ban.


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